How Playing Digital Piano Will Effect Your Skills

How Playing Digital Piano Will Effect Your Skills

How Playing Digital Piano Will Effect Your SkillsDoes your child have a desire to learn the piano? Is there a reason to choose acoustic pianos over digital? After all, if their dreams are being a part of a rock band some day, chances are they’ll be playing digital pianos for life.

But what about learning? Is there a reason to start with an acoustic piano? How will playing digital pianos effect your skills overall?

Right now, digital pianos are the best they have ever been. And digital pianos are reasonable substitutes for acoustic pianos. The new technology and lots of R&D have made high end digital pianos closer in sound and playability, and will provide a lifetime of opportunity. And in many ways, digital pianos make good instruments for a student to learn with.

  • They have metronomes built in, to help students learn and internalize time.
  • They have recording capabilities, that allow you to record and play back to review your accuracy.
  • They offer the ability to experiment. With all the different sounds and tools a digital piano will come with, it can keep a new student captivated for a very long time.
  • They offer a headphone jack, which means a student can play anywhere without disturbing those around them.
  • They offer music on a budget. A high end digital piano is more than affordable. And taking into account they don’t need tuning, it can provide you with a good investment for the months ahead.

While digital pianos offer many things, it is important to remember that there are certain things you will never be able to learn on a digital.

  • Digital pianos come close in emulating the sound and feel of an acoustic piano, it will never be as good as the real thing. If you want full control over sound quality and composition, you’ll only learn from the best – on an acoustic piano.
  • Digital piano pedals have not replicated the abilities of acoustic piano pedals. You won’t find the same gradations of sound quality.
  • Playing a grand piano is a different experience altogether. If you want to be classically trained and move into a professional status, you’ll have to learn on an acoustic piano. It’s hard to get into the same zone with digital as you can with an acoustic.

Looking for the perfect piano to bring into your home and begin learning the skills of playing piano? Stop by today. Compare your options. And decide on the perfect piano choice for you.