Want To Install a Player System On Your Piano?

Want To Install a Player System On Your Piano?

For many piano players, playing the piano is only part of what they enjoy; the other is listening to a favorite composition or piece of music. And while you can always pop a CD into your music system, or tune into your favorite channel on Spotify, why not restore your piano to include a player system? 

Installing a player system on your piano can give your piano new life. It can put your piano on display, and keep it active and healthy while you enjoy the music you’ve grown to love. 

The first step is to evaluate player systems. Each system comes with its own array of add-on components and abilities. They can range in price and offer a variety of functionalities, depending on your ultimate desire. 

They can include things like:

  • Large music libraries
  • Recording features
  • Playlist functionality
  • iPad interfaces
  • Ability to incorporate other instruments into the mix

If you want to install a player system on your piano, the best way to approach it is during the restoration process. That way, it’s fully integrated with new parts and new systems, and will be an investment you grow to love for years to come. 

Are you ready to update your piano with a player system?