Piano Tuning in Memphis Tennessee

Piano Tuning in Memphis Tennessee

Buying a piano? Once the piano is in your home, ready to make music whenever you sit down at the keyboard, it will need a little maintaining to keep it at top performing levels. A simple dusting with a soft cloth will keep in looking great. And in order to keep it sounding great too, you’ll have to hire a piano tuner on a regular basis.

Regular piano tuning is important to ensure the person playing it hears the Piano Tuning in Memphis Tennesseeproper tune. Nothing can be more frustrating than trying to learn a song and not having it come together because the notes are always out of sync. Part of playing the piano is listening and appreciating the music. If its doesn’t sound right, it becomes harder to play. This is one of the top reasons people quit lessons – if the music doesn’t sound right, the desire to continue playing diminishes rapidly.

To find a great piano tuning company, you can ask for referrals from your local community. Here in Memphis Tennessee, we have a strong music culture. You can find a great referral source just about anywhere, including neighbors, music schools, , local churches, or piano dealers like us that have been in the business for years. We work with the best and are happy to provide you with quality referrals whom we know will get the job done the right way the first time.

Many piano tuners will recommend tuning your piano twice per year. The tuning process is not dependent on how much you play. A piano will need tuning no matter if you play once per month or once per day.

Piano tuning is the process of making small adjustments to the tensions of the strings, to properly align the intervals between their tones. A tuner will start with the middle notes, and adjust both up and down from there to give your full range of notes an accurate tonal sound.

Fine tuning involves an assessment of the vibration interaction between the notes. This process is different for every piano. The sound depends on many things: manufacturer, age, quality, location. Which is why every piano tuner works by tone, and adjusts the strings to provide the richest, highest quality sound possible for your instrument.

Have questions about tuning your piano? Need to find a quality piano tuner to help you keep your piano in top quality? Give us a call today. With over 50 years in the piano business, we value reputation and will find the perfect person to meet all of your needs.