4 Reasons A Piano Showroom Is The Best Place To Buy A Piano

4 Reasons A Piano Showroom Is The Best Place To Buy A Piano

Would you ever login to a website, fall in love with a house, and hit the buy button a few minutes after seeing it? How about a car, would you buy one without shopping around? 

With the biggest purchases in our lives, we understand it takes time to learn all about it, and invest the time to discover the right choice for our lifestyles. 

Depending on what you’re purchasing, the time invested in research may go down. You’ll spend more time finding the right contractor to remodel your kitchen than you would buying a toaster. 

Now let’s talk about buying a piano. A piano is a relatively large purchase. It’s also something you can bring into your home and have around for decades. Purchase the right one, and it can be a family heirloom you pass down generation after generation. 

Why should your purchase involve consulting with a piano showroom? What makes a piano dealer better than finding one online? 

Look and compare

Some things are easy to buy online. That toaster, for example, is something you know and understand. Reading about the features and comparing the costs are all you need to make an informed decision. But choosing a piano is an entirely different experience. By coming into a piano showroom, you can compare several makes and models to hear the differences. You can learn about specific sizes and the impact it has on sound. You can compare appearances and make the best selection for your decor. 

Hear the differences

A piano is a unique instrument, each make and model made in entirely different ways. Some pianos are still handbuilt from the ground up, taking many months to go through the process. You can hear the difference when you play two or more side by side. Whether you’re buying a piano to start a new hobby, or want to give your child the gift of music, it’s important to play on a high quality instrument that sounds good to the ear. Imagine playing a piano that’s way out of tune – would that motivate you to stick with your practice schedule? 

Gain the experience of a professional

When you visit a piano showroom, you’ll be speaking with people that are passionate about playing the piano. They’ll have years of experience in both playing and selling pianos. You’ll be able to get answers to every question you have, and maybe even some questions you didn’t think to ask. Then can guide you to making the right choice for your home, and cut down on buyer’s remorse. They’ll ensure you love the piano you choose, and are excited about having it delivered to your home. 

New or used

Did you know piano showrooms will sell both new and used pianos? These aren’t the used pianos you’ll find on Craigslist, the ones being stored in the basement for years until someone cleans out the home. These are high quality instruments that have many years left of life, and that offer you a chance of getting a higher quality instrument at a lower price. Whether you prefer new or used, or simply want to compare and learn the differences, a piano showroom is the perfect place to do it. 

We want you to be happy with your final purchase. Whether you have specifics in mind, or are still weighing your options, stop by our piano showroom today and find the perfect piano for your needs.