Why Your Piano Repair Should Come With A Warranty

Why Your Piano Repair Should Come With A Warranty

As a regular piano player, you value the sound it makes. In order to keep it working properly, you invest in regular tuning and repair. Pianos are not something you need to replace all the time. With a little tender loving care, it can not only last a lifetime, it can be passed down from generation to generation.Why Your Piano Repair Should Come With A Warranty

Owning a piano shouldn’t be a burden. It’s a big investment, something that should be considered carefully so that it provides all the benefits you need as your practice improves and your ability to create more advanced sounds continues to grow.

A piano is made of materials like wood, felt and wire which are subject to wear and tear over the years. These materials can wear as a piano is played over and over again, but other things impact them as well. Temperature change, climate change, even the final resting spot your piano has in your home will all impact the playability of a piano over time.

Along the way, a piano should be tuned. A newer piano will have to be tuned more frequently as the strings stretch. Over time, regular tuning is also necessary to keep the sound at its peak performance.

Yet as time progresses, materials continue to wear down.

  • Felt hammers wear
  • Strings break
  • Keys become damaged and worn
  • Action parts wear out
  • Action needs to be regulated

Piano tuning is a part of regular maintenance. Piano repair needs a professional to perform more extensive care.

And once it is performed, a good piano repair company will also provide a warranty on both parts and labor. This provides you with assurance that the repair job was performed properly, and that quality parts were used that will provide you with long time performance and enjoyment.

Have any questions about the condition of your piano? Does your piano need tuning or repair? The best place to start is by asking questions. We’re always here to help.