The Benefits Of Piano Playing For Your Child’s Intelligence

The Benefits Of Piano Playing For Your Child’s Intelligence

We all want our children to be well rounded, well educated members of society.  For this reason we rush between cheerleading practices, football games, girl scouts, and the like.  All in the quest for an experienced and excellent child.  As you race around choosing extra curricular activities for your child, you might want to consider piano lessons.  After all, piano can do a great deal for your child’s intelligence.

The Benefits Of Piano Playing For Your Child’s IntelligencePiano playing can improve focus.  We have all heard the phrase: “Practice makes perfect.”  That much practice requires focus and commitment.  If your child is going to excel at playing the piano, they will also become much better at channeling their attention, they will learn to build their focus.

Piano playing has been proven to impact the analytical areas of the brain.  Much of the foundation of music is numbers.  Notes and rests are divided and combined in a unique way to create rhythm.  This focus on counting appeals to (and strengthens) the analytical portion of your child’s brain.  Studies have even shown children demonstrating marked improvement in mathematics and science, the academical areas most impacted by analytical thinking.

Piano playing improves your child’s ability to understand and express emotion.  Aside from the Baroque era, most music requires some form of emotional expression for a full, rich, and musical experience.  Playing the piano can aid your child’s emotional development as they explore the wide variety of emotions expressed by composers throughout the ages.  In turn, this will help your child have a better grasp intellectually and experientially of their own emotions as well as the emotional variances of those around them.

If you are seeking a well rounded child, consider giving them piano lessons.  Among the varied benefits and pleasures you and your child will experience, you can look forward to a furthering of your child’s intellectual abilities as a result of tickling the ivories.