Planning On Med School? Play The Piano

Planning On Med School? Play The Piano

When you have a baby, you start the planning process almost from birth. Did they roll over in a timely manner? Are the talking at an age appropriate level? Are their motor skills developing according to age?

Planning On Med School? Play The PianoWhile its easy to focus in on the little details, behind the scenes you are probably focusing on the big picture as well. What preschool will give him the biggest benefits? What high school will help him get into the best college?

Today’s world focuses in on academics – make sure they get plenty of math and science. Yet there is one underlying “secret” that people have known about for centuries and that still to this day gets very little attention in the school systems. That is:

A musically inclined child will do better in all aspects of education.

When middle school and high school students participated in musical activities, they scored significantly higher than their non-musical friends on the standardized tests.

Starting piano lessons at an early age can help understand difficult concepts in math. Remember fractions? Some children naturally understand them better than others, and its no secret why. When a small child sits through piano lessons, they are exposed to the relationships between eighth, quarter, half and whole notes. And when they see the same concepts in math class in the second or third grade, they will naturally understand them than their non-musical friends.

Repeated surveys have been done on college majors and their likelihood on getting into medical school. Studies show that as many as 66 percent of the music majors who applied to medical school were admitted … the highest of any group that applied.

Want to help your child with retention? Give them piano lessons. Piano lessons take focus, repetition, and determination. When kids sit through piano lessons week after week, month after month dedicating time to learning a new song, they increase the part of the brain used for pattern recognition and also improves self esteem along the way.

Have you ever learned something through patterns and repetition? You would do better with piano lessons in your background. Piano lessons develop rhythm skills, which equate to a wide variety of learning patterns throughout a child’s school career.

Want to improve your child’s SAT scores? Keep the music flowing through high school. Surveys show that musically inclined teenagers will score as much as 57 points higher on the verbal portion of the test and as much as 40 points higher on the math portion, according to The College Board.