How To Buy Sheet Music

How To Buy Sheet Music

There are two ways to play the piano.

The first is to play by ear. By listening to a song or a selection of music, a person “hears” the notes and can sit down at the piano and pick out the notes. The song comes together simply by playing around with the notes until you get it right.

How To Buy Sheet MusicThe second was is to use a tool – sheet music – to determine what notes should be played in what order. By incorporating the knowledge of written notes and converting them to notes on the keyboard, you can quickly interpret any music out of the piano.

While most of us will never be geniuses when it comes to playing by ear, most of us can learn to play the piano by learning how to read sheet music and turning that into a melody on the piano.

Sheet music has been used my composers for well over a thousands years. To ensure songs and music compositions were passed down through the generations, people developed musical notes and notation in written format. Each piece of music was transcribed by hand until around the 1400s when the printing press was invented and put into use throughout the world. From the 1500s forward, sheet music has been circulated and now allows people to share their musical compositions with anyone so musically inclined.

Sheet music as a whole comes in a variety of different formats. You can find individual songs printed in specific instrumental renditions. Or you can find sheet music in books based on instrument and theme. Its common to find music in a variety of genres, from classical to orchestral, from modern to musical or film soundtracks.

Piano music is different than other instrumental music in that piano sheet music will have two staves connected by a space. The music to be played by the right hand is on the top staff, called the treble. The music to be played by the left hand is on the bottom, or bass staff.

Sheet music can be purchased in a variety of ways. Come in and select your favorite sheet music – we have a variety of options available.

Do you have regular piano lessons? Different piano instructors prefer working with different types of music. They can easily provide you with sheet music both for practice and for entertainment, to keep you playing long after your lessons are through.

And if you enjoy collecting, sheet music can be quite a valuable collection. Autographed books of sheet music are common among collectors. Autographed sheet music that comes from films or theater productions are often signed by the composer and performers, making them valuable in a variety of ways.

Have a specific need? Let us know and we can work to get you the music you are looking for. Another great option is to search on Google the precise music you are looking for, especially if it is older, out of date and print, or even falls into the collectible line.