Do I Need a Piano If My Child Is Starting Lessons?

Do I Need a Piano If My Child Is Starting Lessons?

Children often have many desires, running from activity to activity as they try to find what they enjoy. As a parent, that can be difficult on the budget, trying to keep up with the costs required to enter every activity. Should you rent? Should you buy? Should you wait until your child shows real interest? 

What’s a parent to do? 

Is a piano necessary?

Like all activities your child will start, they need to have the basic equipment at hand before they sign up for lessons. And to play the piano, you’ll need to bring a piano into your home. 

This isn’t the time to pick up a small keyboard at your local big box store. It may look like a piano, but it definitely doesn’t play like one. If it’s nothing more than a toy, your child will never pick up the nuances of what it takes to play the piano. 

Pianos have weighted keys to aid in playing. They use 88 keys for an entire span to play every song. Without a proper instrument, they won’t develop the correct technique. 

When should you buy a piano?

Pianos can be expensive. It isn’t easy to put out the money necessary for your child to start lessons and see if they enjoy making music. 

Yet like every activity, it’s a journey, not a destination. Are you prepared to help your child develop a love of music? If so, you’ll need to get them proper tools to help them learn. 

You wouldn’t expect a child to learn soccer without the proper shoes or a flat ball. You wouldn’t expect them to fall in love with cooking without investing in pots and pans. Every hobby, every activity, has its own tools of the trade. It’s required to learn properly and fall in love with the activity. 

What’s a parent’s best plan?

Luckily, there are many ways you can get the best tools without breaking the bank. 

You may be tempted to look online, and give the “free” piano on Craigslist a try. That can be an expensive endeavor. With nothing to compare it to, you may wind up with a piano that barely plays, and is way out of tune. That’s like playing soccer with a flat ball. 

By trusting a piano dealer, you’ll be able to compare used pianos with new ones, and hear the difference between price points. You’ll learn what makes a quality instrument, and discover the best instrument for your budget. 

Starter pianos are great places to start – they give your kids a great chance at falling in love with music, while keeping the price low to fit within your budget. 

Have more questions? Stop by today. When you need a piano, we’ll help you find the right selection to suit your needs.