Yes, Learning The Piano Can Turn Into A Lucrative Career

Yes, Learning The Piano Can Turn Into A Lucrative Career

When our kids are born, we hope to give them every advantage. We want them to lead happy, productive lives. And most of all, we want them to be happy.

That’s why from day one, we push. We choose good schools. We provide books and help them learn. We steer them into sports; after all, that’s where the most opportunity lies, right?Yes, Learning The Piano Can Turn Into A Lucrative Career

Think again.

While music programs have increasingly gone away in many school districts, getting your kids active in music as early as possible has its benefits. And while very few kids today will ever end up turning pro in sports, there is a good chance your child can turn their love of music into a lucrative career.

If your child learns to play the piano at a young age and sticks with it throughout school, they have a beneficial skill that will last a lifetime. And they can do a lot more with their skills as well.

Video Game Audio
One of the fastest growing careers in the music business is a career in video game audio. While they might have to start as low person on the ladder as they learn their skills, assisting wherever needed, they can quickly escalate to the position of an audio engineer, who creates music mixes in studio, to audio director who oversee video game audio production. Audio tool developers can easily pull in a six figure salary for writing original code.

Orchestral Musician
Though many community music programs have witnessed shrinking budgets over the past few years, there are still opportunities to get involved as an orchestral musician. Starting in the local community may give a person a low paying job. But with experience and improvement, moving to the largest symphonies across the nation can quickly escalate into a six figure career.

Music Therapists
Baby boomers are aging; currently, about one in seven Americans is over the age of 65. And we’re just beginning to see how music can soothe the soul and help many overcome symptoms from a variety of diseases with the help of music therapy. Of course, it doesn’t stop with the aging. Benefits have been seen in many different programs, from learning disabilities in kids, to rehabilitating prisoners, to dealing with PTSD. Developing an outpatient private practice can easily net a music therapist a six figure income.

Movie/TV Music Production
Top Hollywood actors and directors are still producing high budget films. Television shows are as diverse and as far reaching as ever. And in order to create that much content ever year, someone must be in charge of creating the music that goes into it. Enter the position of music supervisor. While salaries are usually low, associated only with one project at a time, a top producer can easily move into the six figure level and beyond.

Music Attorney
Every successful musician needs a lawyer. And a lawyer that is familiar with all things music ensures a thorough knowledge base for her client base. There are many intricate details to music law, including copyrights, trademarks, and contract negotiations. The bigger more successful the client base, the more lucrative a music lawyer can make.

Still think sports is the only way to give your child all she needs to move into a successful life? Maybe today’s the day you give her the gift of music. Let’s get her started on playing the piano today.