How Do You Stay Motivated To Play The Piano?

How Do You Stay Motivated To Play The Piano?

No matter what activity you integrate into your life, there will be moments where you feel like giving up. You get tired of the same old routine. You feel bored when you think about participating. 

What’s a person to do?

Playing the piano is a lifelong skill. Unlike sports where you’ll cross over from participant to spectator family rapidly as you age, with piano, it’s always there. You can appreciate listening to a wide range of music. You can sit down at a keyboard every chance you get. 

So how do you stay motivated to play the piano when you hit your rough patches? 

Play what you love

Nothing will keep you motivated to play if you aren’t creating the music you love. If you think it’s boring, you shouldn’t be mastering it. That said, don’t say no to stretching and growing either. Sometimes it’s good to think outside the box and pick up a piece of music that is different than anything you’ve played before. The challenge often comes in listening to how you create and learning to do it better. 

Find your inspiration

Stretch yourself in new ways. If you always listen to the same radio station, change things up. With platforms like Sirius, you have access to hundreds of channels. Spend some time listening to new things to get inspired. Then when you find something you love, try it out on the piano. You can find just about any sheet music online; use that to inspire you to play more. 

Structure your play time

It’s easy to get caught in the desire to always play the same things, the music you’ve mastered. While that may be a good warm up exercise from time to time, push yourself into new things. That’s where the challenge comes from. That’s how you grow. 

Give yourself milestones and challenges

To make piano playing more fun, give yourself something to shoot for. Maybe you can volunteer to play holiday music with a group in your community. Or perhaps you have a song you’ve always wanted to play. Set goals and work towards them every day. You can reward yourself with trips to your community orchestra, or even larger rewards such as flying to Broadway to take in a show. 

Want an even bigger reward? How about giving yourself the gift of an upgraded piano? If you’ve longed for a grand piano to create aesthetics in your room, it may be the perfect reward. 

Whatever questions you have about pianos, we’re here to help.