Why You Should Hire An Expert To Move Your Piano

Why You Should Hire An Expert To Move Your Piano

Why You Should Hire An Expert To Move Your Piano

Moving day.

In all the excitement, you’ve forgotten all about the baby grand in your family room. Yet there’s nothing to worry about; “the guys” surely can handle it. You don’t really need an expert in piano moving to move it for you, right? After all, it weighs over 1500 pounds. How delicate can it be?

This is exactly where many homeowners go wrong.

A piano by nature is bulky and heavy. If you’ve ever tried to move it from one location in the room to another, you know how heavy it is.

But despite its bulky appearance, it is also a fine musical instrument with over 1,000 moving parts and 200 finely-tuned strings. One small jerk, bump or bang can break any number of those moving parts, and throw off those finely-tuned strings indefinitely.

If it isn’t handled right, it won’t operate correctly. And if it doesn’t sound right, no matter how much effort you put into your notes and your music, it simply won’t motivate you to want to continue.

Or worse. It may be broken and in need of repair, meaning costly maintenance and tuning for you and your budget.

Not exactly something you want to add to the list of to-do’s as you’re settling in to your new home.

These details are the exact reason why hiring a professional piano mover are so important. A piano moving expert understands pianos, how to move them, the safest way to twist and turn them, how to lift them from place to place, how to get them through the door, how to place them in a truck for proper handling, and how to put everything back together again in a perfect way. They can transport it without causing damage.

And even more important is they know you expect them to deliver your piano from its old location to your new location in the same working order as when it left. When it arrives in its final destination, you should be able to sit down and play it immediately, without having to think about it.

That’s what makes a piano mover an expert … and everyone else, not. Who are you going to trust?