Why Your Kids Should Take Piano Lessons

Why Your Kids Should Take Piano Lessons

We all have busy lives. As our children grow, our lives tend to only get busier. The more schedules you have to juggle, the more challenging this dance can be.

Why Your Kids Should Take Piano LessonsWhen it comes to your child’s schedule, you have many decisions about how they should spend their time. So, why should you choose to put your child in piano lessons?

1. Piano lessons help provide a rounded education – Your child may already be enrolled in soccer, karate, basketball, football, etc. Piano lessons can help provide a glimpse into the arts. Piano lessons will expose children to music and historical figures that they otherwise would have never known about.

2. Piano lessons help focus and dedication – The further along your child gets in their musical studies, the more dedication it takes to complete a piece. Piano lessons can help teach your children how to focus on a task and remain dedicated until it is completed.

3. Piano lessons can improve dexterity – Piano in its most basic form is both hands working independently, yet simultaneously, to produce a harmonious product. This requires a good degree of dexterity both of mind and of fingers.

4. Piano lessons can improve your child’s grades – Studies have shown that children enrolled in musical education score higher in the math and sciences. Music and rhythm are mathematical in nature, giving your child a more hands on experience of many mathematical concepts. Piano lessons in Memphis are just a click away.

5. Piano lessons can improve your child’s self esteem – Each piece learned, each book completed is a stepping stone of success for your child. Continued lessons will build an arsenal of past successes that will give your child courage to strive in future endeavors.

6. Piano lessons can help your child with public performance and stage fright – Piano lessons will give your child plenty of opportunities to display their skill in public. This exposure will help your child build the confidence necessary for public performance.