Is Piano Repair Really Necessary?

Is Piano Repair Really Necessary?

When was the last time you repaired your car?

It probably started with a small noise. If you ignored it, the noise escalated. And if you continued ignoring it, eventually the car stopped working, and the repair became a major event. What started out as a simple fix – replacing a belt for instance – became a major repair – replacing the engine.Is Piano Repair Really Necessary?

The same holds true with your piano.

A piano first shows signs of a problem in simple ways. A note goes out of tune, or a piano pedal sticks. If you ignore the problem, it escalates to the point of severe damage.

In many cases this happens when people are living on a tight budget, or if they stop playing the piano and it becomes a piece of furniture they ignore. Pianos need tuning and repair to keep them in top playing condition, whether they are played regularly or not.

Hire A Piano Technician As Soon As Possible

The right time to hire a piano technician for tuning is at the first indication something is not right. A qualified technician can repair it quickly and bring it back to proper condition. A large number of piano owners realize the potential savings regular tunings have on the quality of their piano, and choose to have their pianos tuned twice per year. This will ensure a quality sound all the year through, and provide you with a quality instrument that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Hire a Highly Experienced Piano Technician

Unlike today’s cars that can be plugged into a computer to show the technician what is wrong, a piano requires a personal touch. Although a piano player may pick up a few things about tuning as they play over the years, there is a difference between doing it yourself and hiring a professional with many hours of experience. A professional learns the fine tuning skill by practicing and learning and working on a variety of pianos. He understands what indicators to look for and what sounds may need further repair. Never judge a piano technician by price alone. Instead, find out how many years they have performed piano tuning, and how many hours they have spent in the process.

Why Tuning Is The First Step Towards Repair

In general, the first indication of a problem begins with piano tuning. A piano technician will spend time working with each note to ensure it is properly in tune. As he works through the process, he may indicated other problems – felt that is loose, or a potential problem with a hammer. As he notices things, he will make you aware of the situation and decide the best course of action to ensure your piano remains at optimal level.

Typically a quality piano tuning process will take anywhere from one to three hours. Anything less may be an indicator that a piano tuner doesn’t understand his job.

If you have any questions about the piano tuning process, give us a call today.