How To Remove Cup and Water Rings From Your Piano

How To Remove Cup and Water Rings From Your Piano

Pianos and water don’t mix. We know that. And yet invariably somewhere along the way, a water glass or a cup will be placed somewhere on the piano and a water ring will occur.

Frustrating, yes. But in some cases it’s not an impossibility to remove them.How To Remove Cup and Water Rings From Your Piano

To begin, analyze the extent of the water damage. The color of the stain will tell you how much water damage has occurred. It will also depend on things like the type of liquid that caused the stain, how much time it sat on the surface before it was removed, and the quality and age of the piano.

  • A white water ring is usually fairly easy to remove and can be removed without refinishing work.
  • A yellow ring forms after prolonged water contact and indicates more serious damage.
  • A gray or black ring means the liquid has reached the wood itself and the only way to remove the ring is by refinishing.

If the water ring is recent, it may dry up and go away. Blot away any excess moisture and allow to dry. You can use a hair dryer to dry the stain, moving it back and forth quickly over the spot until dry. Be careful not to get the finish too hot or you could damage the wood from heat.

If the above does not work, use a soft cotton cloth moistened with mineral spirits to lightly wipe the area. Allow to thoroughly dry. If this has no affect, try denatured alcohol. Be sure to test each of these in an inconspicuous place first as alcohol can remove shellac.

If none of these work, your piano will likely need refinishing work to remove the stain and bring it back to its original finish.

If you were able to successfully remove the water ring, in many cases the affected area will be slightly dull. If this is the case, a piano finish cleaner and conditioner and help enhance the sheen. Never use a traditional furniture polish as they can dry the wood. But a finish cleaner designed for pianos can keep piano wood from drying and cracking and enhance a beautiful luster finish in the process. Contact us and we’ll help you select the right finishing product for you.