How To Keep Piano Students Motivated

How To Keep Piano Students Motivated

Why do students quit piano lessons? Boredom. If they aren’t motivated to take action and practice every day, they will eventually reach a point where it no longer makes sense investing in lessons.

Before they reach that point, its important to understand what will keep them motivated, and change things up to keep them coming back for more.How To Keep Piano Students Motivated

Give them a balanced repertoire to work from
When people want to learn the piano, its usually so they can make music they are familiar with and are comfortable playing. When they dive into music they’ve never heard before over and over again, it can be frustrating because they can’t pick out the tune, and have no reference to the outcome. While its important to expand into a variety of genres, its equally important giving them something to strive for. Always ask for suggestions and find things that match their interests. You can find sheet music for every level of piano playing, in every genre imaginable. Pop music, jazz, soundtracks, new age – its all possible, and will help students stay on track.

Start an incentive program
Students can be motivated by a variety of things. And in some cases, bribes work well. While you don’t have to go overboard with promises, as you discover what helps motivate your student, use that to consistently take them to the next level. It can simple things, like a sticker for each level they achieve. Or highlighting their performance at an upcoming recital. Whatever motivates them, use that for all its worth.

Improve your own piano skills by taking lessons
A teachers job is to teach; its also to learn. With technology as advanced as it is today, if its been a while since you’ve taken piano instruction yourself, set up some time to work with an instructor and learn in a new way. Have you ever taken lessons via Skype? Have you used piano games online? With so many different strategies, take the time to review them and find out how you can incorporate some of the ideas into your own teaching methods.

Give students a chance to work together
Facing the same lesson style week after week can become monotonousness. If you have a variety of students working with you, consider bringing like-skilled students together for duets. If you work closely with other instructors that teach violin, cello, or other instruments that compliment the piano, you can introduce them to the world of playing together as well. This will help them understand how they can come together as a larger group and entertain not only themselves, but those around them as well.

Give them a chance to perform
A once a year recital for mom and dad is a great place to start, but the more active you can keep them, the more likely they will be to want to share their talents. You can find a variety of places to perform on a regular basis – nursing homes, senior centers, even local schools may welcome the chance to bring a little entertainment into their community. As their talents increase, opportunities may increase as well.