How To Find Room For A Piano

How To Find Room For A Piano

The buzzword floating around many design sites these days is downsizing. Many people are no longer increasing the size of their homes; they are shrinking them and going smaller instead.

And that works well for a lot of the things we use every day. But a large piece of furniture you used to love can suddenly overwhelm the space you were going to put it in.

Yes, you may have to downsize the sofa and get rid of the sectional that used to grace your family room. But that’s not an option with your piano. Your piano isn’t just a piece of furniture. It’s not something you want to tuck into the corner and forget.How To Find Room For A Piano

Luckily there are a variety of ways you can build your room around the piano, leaving it as the focal point of your room. It takes a pair of fresh eyes to find the new opportunities that always exist within the four walls of your room.

Vertical or grand? Depending on the type of piano you desire will control the amount of space it takes to display it. Obviously, a grand takes up more space. But even with a vertical piano, you want it to be on display, a place where you can both play and have an audience whenever you desire.

The key is in looking beyond the obvious. It doesn’t have to go in the family room to get the most out of the instrument. We’ve seen pianos placed all throughout the home. Just look for usable space that provides an attractive background for the piano.

How about in the entryway landing by the stairs? This area often has usable space that may be sitting empty. You can slide a vertical piano into the corner and use it as a welcoming presentation when you first enter your home.

Or how about in an empty corner reserved for books and knickknacks? Reading corners often have usable space. Try moving smaller chairs and tables and reassessing the space. Can you slide a baby grand into the space?

Or how about hiring a woodworker to build customized cabinets? Many homes can benefit from customized shelving units. Place your vertical piano into the space and create an elaborate centerpiece that grabs the attention.

If you are a piano lover, there are many ways to incorporate the instrument back into your space. Think openly about where you can nestle the piano into your favorite room. With a little change, you may be surprised at how easy it is.