How To Choose A Piano From So Many Brands

How To Choose A Piano From So Many Brands

Pramberger. Samick. Remington. Baldwin. Kimball. Steinway.

With so many pianos to choose from, how do you know if you are selecting the right brand?How To Choose A Piano From So Many Brands

Yes, searching through the Internet will lead you to the fact that there are a lot of choices when it comes to piano brands. Over the years, there have been thousands of piano companies making pianos. Even today you’ll find dozens as you make your way from store to store.

But what makes one better than the other? Should you consider purchasing a specific brand to gain a better quality sound, or to hold it’s retail value longer? Choosing a piano should be a personal decision, not one based solely on brand. Here’s why.

For the most part, people buy a piano for it’s playability. They choose to buy a piano to have their children take piano lessons and learn the art of music. Or they choose to learn to play the piano themselves, using it as a way to de-stress and play music for lifelong enjoyment.

Which means that any instrument that creates music and will hold up to the way you play has value.

Old or new, a piano is a musical instrument. And as long as it’s been well maintained, the brand is secondary when choosing a piano. If you’re happy, if you play, you’ve found the right musical instrument for you.

So what is the difference?

In almost anything you purchase, you know and understand the differences are based on the quality of the company.

Think Walmart versus Nordstom. The two instantly bring to mind two different types of businesses, two different types of services.

Or GM versus Mercedes. Again, you think of two different qualities of car. Both do the job of transporting you from one place to another, they just do so in entirely different ways.

The same holds true with pianos. Some brands were created simply as a way to get a basic piano into the marketplace. Others were developed to provide you with exquisite sound.

Can you hear the difference? There is a reason you’ll find Steinway’s in the best performance houses in the world.

But don’t let piano brands intimidate you. There are many quality pianos on the market today that will create years of lasting enjoyment. Stop by today and let us help you select the right piano brand for you.