How To Buy A Used Piano On Craigslist

How To Buy A Used Piano On Craigslist

Want to know how to find the best pianos on Craigslist?

The answer is – stop looking. 

The pianos listed on Craigslist usually come in one of two forms. 

1. The piano has been neglected for years. 

2. The piano has a lot of problems, and the owner simply wants to dump it on someone else. How To Buy A Used Piano On Craigslist

In either case, do you really want to take on that amount of problems? Especially if you really want to start playing the piano?

Some people find what appears to be good deals on Craigslist and feel they have to jump on it immediately or lose it forever. If they really are good deals, they wouldn’t be on Craigslist to begin with. 

If a person cares about their piano, they attempt to sell it through private sellers. They work with a realtor as they are moving or downsizing their homes. They work with piano tuners and piano teachers and find someone who wants to buy. They approach a dealer and sell the best back. 

When buying a used piano, you want one that feels the best and sounds the best TO YOU. This is important because the piano is yours to play. You want to love the way it feels and the way it sounds. 

You want one that looks great wherever you choose to place it. That means it should have a console that blends with your furniture and be free from scratches or marks. 

You want one that is in tune and can easily be kept in tune. An out of tune piano means either the owner didn’t care for it, or it’s slipped quickly out of tune due to a dried out pinblock or cracked bridge. 

Will you find a good piano deal on Craigslist? Chances are the answer is no. If we can help you find the best piano for you, give us a call today.