How To Buy a Piano For Christmas

How To Buy a Piano For Christmas

Want to surprise your family with a new piano for Christmas? It’s a popular time of the year for families to bring the gift of music into their homes. 

Buy for your needs

Before you start to shop for a new piano, consider your needs carefully. You’ll find many big box stores place a piano at the end of an aisle, hoping for a few shoppers to bring one home. 

You get what you get when you shop from a selection of one. There’s no looking at options, or considering what’s best for your family. If you’ve never played before, you’re relying on what’s sold to the masses, and that may not best suit your needs. 

When buying a piano, it’s better to weigh your options carefully, consider your options, and make the best selection.

Buy for the future

A toy piano is just that – a toy. You can’t learn the piano if you practice on a toy. It won’t have the same sound. It won’t have the right touch. 

What are your goals? Do you want your kids to take lessons? Do you want to learn to play? Will you be playing for years?

Consider what piano will suit your needs now and into the future. While starter pianos are ever-popular, even just a few minutes of consideration can help you make the wisest choices. 

Buy for the surprise

While it may seem impossible to “sneak” a piano home and wrap it up, there are creative approaches for your surprise. 

Wrap the box. Pianos are shipped in a box for protection. Ask at the time of your purchase, and you might be able to bring a box home. 

Create a video recording. Sit down and record yourself playing your new piano. Walk around it and provide a tour. Then share your video message with everyone as you open your presents on Christmas morning. 

Buy sheet music. If your kids have hinted at wanting to play like their favorite musician, find sheet music that gives them a chance to play their favorite music. 

Will you be buying a new piano for Christmas this year?