How Long Will It Take To Learn The Piano?

How Long Will It Take To Learn The Piano?

Have you decided playing the piano is in your future? How long will it take to learn the piano? It’s a difficult question to answer as it depends on a variety of factors.

How much time do you have to dedicate to learning the piano?How Long Will It Take To Learn The Piano?
A small child of 6 or 7 years old may only have the attention span to play 10 minutes per day a few days per week. An adult may be able to focus 40 minutes per day or more. However, this practice difference doesn’t always equate to improving your skills. A child of 6 or 7 doesn’t have the fear factor in place. She isn’t distracted by her abilities, or let previous setbacks cloud her mindset. She may be able to more easily play things simply because she chooses to do so. Yet in most cases, you’ll reap the rewards by putting more time into the process.

What is your inspiration?
Nobody can learn to play the piano if the desire isn’t behind them. Forcing your kids will never make them great piano players. Instead, it’s important to stay motivated from week to week, always having an understanding of why you want to learn in the first place.

How good of a teacher do you have?
Have you ever tried to learn something on your own? While it’s easy to pick up books or follow a software program, it can be difficult to stick with it long term. You need motivation. You need a teacher that will continue to push you from week to week. When you’re having trouble moving forward, they will guide you along the way. They know how to push you to achieve more.

Do you have time for regular practice?
Learning music is like learning a new language. Every time you put it to use, it helps you progress further in your knowledge. Forget assigning a time frame; a rigid schedule of thirty minutes a day on the clock can make you lose motivation. Instead, create regular time frames in your days for challenging yourself with concepts you need most. Give yourself tasks: I will play this new piece three times. Be patient; you’ll advance the more you work at it.

Do you love it?
When we love things, we spend more time with them. We strive to be better. We attempt all we can to learn more. Look for the things that help you stay motivated to reach your goals. Then continue to do them every day.

Realize you or your child will probably never be a world renown piano player, and that’s okay. Everyone is capable of playing the piano at some level. Depending on how you apply yourself, you can create beautiful music and enjoy the process for many years to come. You don’t know how much talent you have until you apply yourself. It’s the journey, not the destination. Make it a fun and enjoyable ride.