Should You Sign Up For Group Lessons or Private Lessons?

Should You Sign Up For Group Lessons or Private Lessons?

You’re ready to sign your child up for piano lessons. But as you surf the internet and make a few phone calls in your local community, you’re suddenly confused by the offerings. Should you schedule one-on-one time with a piano instructor, opting for private lessons for your child to learn more? Or will they learn better when they take group lessons, one teacher in front of several individuals?

It can be a difficult decision. With a little research, you’ll discover there are benefits to both. 

Private lessons are typically short, instructional sessions with one teacher and one participant. You’ll often have one short session once per week. This allows personalized instruction where the student gets hands-on advice to create a stronger piano playing environment. 

Group lessons often consist of a larger class for longer periods of time. They can last up to three hours, and be guided by one or two teachers. Hearing other players can often motive to get things right. 

The advantages of private lessons include:

Personalized lesson plans – ever session is built around your skill level, your goals, your needs. The instructor will speed up or slow down based on your needs. 

Flexible scheduling – if you need to change times or dates, your instructor works to fit you into the schedule. 

Individualized attention – you get the attention of the instructor for the entire lesson. 

The advantages of group lessons include:

More instruction time – you’ll receive more information as the lessons are longer periods of time. 

More emphasis on the music – instructors work to learn and complete the song rather than focusing on methodology, hand placement, and other musical work. 

Teamwork – this allows you to be part of a group. The increased peer exposure allows you to keep up and be part of something bigger. 

Reduced stage fright – when people only play for their instructors, it can be intimidating playing in front of a larger group, even if it’s just parents. Playing with a group makes it easier to step out on stage. 

What’s the best playing method for you? It doesn’t have to be either/or. Sometimes the best course of action is to use both. Refinement and musicality all come from playing in a number of ways. 

What’s right for you?