4 Traits A Reputable Piano Dealer Will Have

4 Traits A Reputable Piano Dealer Will Have

When you buy a piano, its an investment that will last for years, and potentially be a part of your family for generations. Its important to purchase the right piano for your needs, and more importantly, to find the right piano dealer that will provide service and resources as you need them.

Unlike some purchases, where you use them with little thought as to where you purchased it, a piano has different needs.

  • Where will you go when your piano needs tuning?
  • What if you move to a bigger house and want to trade up to a bigger and better piano?
  • What if you want to find a piano teacher for your 5 year old?

4 Traits A Reputable Piano Dealer Will HaveLots of questions, and finding the right answers can sometimes be confusing. But it doesn’t have to be. Not if you select a reputable piano dealer with these traits.

Sense Of Community

Before you select a piano dealer to do business with, make sure they are a resource within the community itself. How long have they been in business? How many pianos have they sold? What knowledge can they bring to help you select the right piano for you? How do they give back to the community? You can always get a good feel for how a business will treat you now and in the years to come by looking at their past history.

Full Service

If you buy a piano from an ad on Craigslist, you get what you pay for: a piano that may or may not be in good working order, with zero guarantees and no promises as to the quality. By finding a reputable piano dealer, you can choose a piano based on experience. They understand how to ask the right questions to find out your needs, and match you to the ideal piano for your situation. They can offer used and new pianos. They can provide moving and installation services to make sure your piano arrives in high quality and provides musicality from the moment it enters your home. They can even provide help in selecting the right piano teacher, or offer tuning services as needed each year.


“As is” can often be a scary phrase. When you take it as is, you can look at the outside of an object and assume its quality based on how well it looks. But that says nothing about the insides, or how it performs overall. That’s why warranties are so important, especially on a moving, breathing object like a piano. Depending on the piano, you will find both manufacturers and dealer warranties that will give you full protection to ensure the quality and the sound is there from the beginning.

Trade Up

Lets assume for a moment you buy a piano for your five year old. She practices and falls in love with playing. By the age of twelve, she’s performing regularly in many venues across Memphis and even across the country. She’s ready for a bigger, more vibrant piano. Its time to invest in a grand piano. A reputable dealer will offer trade up services in which you can trade your current piano in and apply it to that grand piano you’ve had your eye on for years.

The key with finding and working with a reputable piano dealer is to come in and get to know us. We can help you with any questions you may have. And we’ll be here for you well into the future.