Dealing With Stage Fright Before A Piano Recital

Dealing With Stage Fright Before A Piano Recital

We’ve all been there: the jitters, the butterflies, the nausea, the shakiness…all tell tale signs of stage fright.  While a minor case of nerves Dealing With Stage Fright Before A Piano Recitalcan enhance a performance, full blown stage fright can completely derail a recital.  So, how can you get control of the nerves before they get control of you?

Breathe – While this may seem simplistic and obvious, when we get nervous we often forget to breathe.  Slow, deep breaths can begin the process of steadying the nerves and clearing your mind.

Think Positive – If you spend the moments before your recital undermining yourself and your abilities, you will suffer for it.  Instead, remind yourself that you can do this.  You have done the prep work, you are ready.  Your fingers know what to do all you have to do is trust them.

Visualize – Imagine yourself playing, and playing well.  Picture a great performance.  If you imagine yourself failing, you probably will fail.  If you imagine yourself succeeding, you are much more likely to actually succeed.

Eat – While a heavy meal before a performance can make you sluggish (and potentially sick), light foods before a performance will give you the energy necessary to play with energy and enthusiasm.

Practice Performing – Before the big day, set up mock performances so you can practice handling your nerves.  Collect a few friends that don’t normally hear you practice and play through your recital.  If you can set up this mock performance in the venue of the real recital, that would be even better.

Remember you are among friends – The people gathered to hear you play are not waiting for you to mess up.  They are there to cheer you on and witness your success.  You are among friends.  Success will be met with joy; any glitches will be met with support and love.  Remind yourself that you don’t need to fear criticism because the people there are there for you.