Shopping For An Electric Keyboard

Shopping For An Electric Keyboard

Whether you’re an experienced instructor, or brand new to the world of electric keyboards, there are many things to consider before you invest.

Do you need the latest technology? Shopping For An Electric Keyboard

In many ways, electric keyboards are a lot like the latest in computer or tablet design. The manufacturers add all kinds of “bells and whistles” to make their products stand out from the year before.

Do you need this latest technology?

If you’re experienced and use every new sound and option available, then you’ll probably be anticipating the newest release. If however you’re new to the keyboard world, you my not have enough experience to appreciate all it has to offer. And in many cases, it can be a huge distraction to trying to learn all that even a basic keyboard has to offer.

Work with an experienced piano dealer to choose a keyboard that matches your abilities, without leaving you in complete overwhelm.

What keyboard size is best for you?

A standard keyboard has 88 keys. However, electric keyboards come in three different sizes.

76 keys – A good choice for a beginner as you won’t need the full 88 keyboard

61 keys – Another good choice for a beginner, a great practice piano for all skill levels

49 keys – The smallest standard size, and not ideal for everyday use. May be a good place to start, though you will probably outgrow its features within the first year

Do you need extra speakers?

While most of the keyboards on the market today have speakers built into their bodies, its good to check out the sound before you leave the store. Does it provide you with good enough sound quality for your practice sessions? If not, investing in an external set of speakers may give you higher quality sound and make your practicing more enjoyable.

Do you need foot pedals?

Why are you learning piano? If you ever hope to play a full sized piano some day, you should begin training your feet as well as your hands now.

Many keyboards can connect up to an external pedal source. By investing in the standard three pedal platform, you’ll be able to learn all functionality of the piano right from the beginning.