Does Your Child Need A Better Piano

Does Your Child Need A Better Piano

Where did you get the piano currently sitting in your home? Is it in good working condition? Does it allow your child to practice in the best way possible?

Pianos are a complex instrument. And without regular maintenance, many things can go wrong. 

Take, for instance, a sticky key. Let’s say one of the most common keys on your piano sticks when you press it down. The only way to get it to return to its upright position is to gently tap under the key and push it back up. Does Your Child Need A Better PianoIt’s not difficult. It doesn’t take force. But it does need a tap to get it to rise back to its original position. That process can build in your child’s practice and performance. It can become ingrained in the way she plays. So much so that she’ll tap the key on every piano she plays. 

Of course, there are many other things that can impact your child’s performance. There are a wide range of things that if not repaired, can impact not only her ability to play, but her desire as well. 

When a child practices the piano, the goal is to establish good playing habits and to let them have a positive musical experience. The instrument they play every day should be able to respond to both. The piano should be in tune so that your child can develop an accurate sense of pitch. If the piano is out of tune, it won’t sound good at all. Which means the experience won’t be where it needs to be to keep her playing. 

Do you have an acoustic piano? 

Some older pianos are beyond repair. A qualified technician can give you an idea of how much it will cost to make the repairs. But if you’ve owned it for years without tuning it regularly, or have found it for free or low cost on a Craigslist ad, it might be in poor condition and not able to provide the proper piano playing experience. 

It’s okay to purchase electronic or digital piano as well. For some families, moving to the digital world just makes sense. 

If your older acoustic piano can’t be fixed, it’s time to consider a new piano. If you’re using a keyboard with less than the standard 88 keys, look to move into something full sized. The quality of your piano makes the experience that much more enjoyable for you and for her. And it gives her the chance to develop a lifelong skill she’ll enjoy.