How To Care For Your Digital Grand Piano  

Digital grand pianos aren’t much different from digital pianos when it comes to care and maintenance. They don’t need tuning, which is one of the most appealing factors when people are deciding between digital and acoustic.

But like any instrument, to keep it in great working condition, it takes a little maintenance along the way.

You can do that right from the moment you decide on its home. Where will you place it in your home to ensure it will remain in top working condition? Avoid placing it in a location where it will be impacted by direct sunlight. Also, avoid registers and vents as too much heat isn’t safe for your piano either.

You should also avoid using your piano as a piece of furniture. Never place drinks or food on the finish. Spills and crumbs can harm the finish, and if they get inside your piano, they can ruin the integrity of the tone and voice.

The keyboard should be cleaned on a regular basis – just not with cleaning solutions or water. Your digital grand piano is sensitive to a variety of things: dust, dirt, chemicals, to name just a few. Instead, take a dry clean cloth and wipe the keys clean. If you do have smudges or smears that need additional work, consider using a soft cloth sprayed with water, then rub gently ensuring no water trace remains.

Digital pianos also need to be plugged in. Make sure that the outlet you will be using is in proper condition. Your digital piano is a highly sensitive piece of electronics. Consider using surge protection to ensure it isn’t destroyed. When not in use, unplug the instrument for further protection. Don’t unplug it before you turn it off.

If you notice any part of your piano is damaged, don’t use it until it can be evaluated and updated. Using it in damaged condition can cause further damage.

Just like acoustic grand pianos, digital grand pianos are highly sensitive instruments. Don’t try and take on any kind of repair yourself. A highly trained piano technician with experience in digital technology will ensure your repair is handled properly, keeping your digital piano working safely and providing you with the highest quality sound.