Are Piano Sales at Your Local College a Good Deal?

Are Piano Sales at Your Local College a Good Deal?

Whether you’re alumni of a local college, or live in an area where a university plays a big role in your community, you may have received a notification of piano sales at the end of each term. 

The concept may pique your attention. It seems like a good deal. 

The college sends out a message of a pending piano sale. The college has old pianos in its music school it needs to sell in order to make room for the new pianos it’s bringing on campus. These can be anywhere from practice instruments to concert pianos on display as pianists showcase their talents. 

Who doesn’t want a good deal? And when you combine it with the thought of helping out your local college or university, it’s a win/win for everyone. 

The trouble is, it’s not. 

What’s happening instead is a bait and switch tactic. A piano manufacturer or dealer approaches a school offering a few new pianos for free for the chance to open up and hold a sale for the public. The school gets a few free pianos. The dealer gets the opportunity to bring in a variety of pianos from their retail location and sell them to the public. 

Will you get the “good deals” promised in the advertisement? There are only a few of those available. Instead, you’ll be left bargaining with the dealer on purchasing a new or used piano directly from their saleroom floors. 

Here’s the other thing you should know: the proceeds do not benefit the college or university. The only way the school benefits is by receiving a few pianos in exchange for using the space to hold the sale. The college may get use of these “free” pianos for a year. But they won’t get a cut of each sale. 

The final thing to consider before buying from one of these events is about who will service your piano after the sale. With a dealer in your local community, you can always return with questions and concerns. Want a referral for a piano tuner? Have a question about the way your piano sounds? We’re here to make sure you fully enjoy the experience. 

When you buy through a piano sale on a local campus, you won’t have someone to return to for warranties or questions. You’ll be on your own. After spending potentially thousands on what started out as a good deal. 

Before you head out and shop at a college piano sale, stop by our retail location instead. We’ll be here for you today and tomorrow, and ensure you get the piano that works best for you.