Tips For Cleaning Your Digital Piano

Tips For Cleaning Your Digital Piano

Digital pianos offer more flexibility and more movement than traditional acoustic pianos. And for many aspiring musicians, the ability to bring their pianos with them anywhere is one of its biggest benefits.

But with portability comes the increased likelihood of your piano showing its wear and tear a little sooner. With frequent cleanings and a little TLC, your piano can provide a long life no matter how much traveling you do.Tips For Cleaning Your Digital Piano

Piano Keys
The most obvious part of the piano that will show wear quickly is the keyboard. Yet if you clean the keys the incorrect way, you can permanently damage the instrument.

Prepare a cleaning solution by adding two drops of dishwashing liquid to a bowl of warm water. Use a clean, soft, color-free cloth, dampen it, and rub it gently over the keys one at a time. This process will remove fingerprints and any grime left on the keys. After you finish with a key, take another dry soft cloth and wipe off any moisture left behind that may damage the keyboard. If you have a particularly stubborn stain, do not try and clean them on your own with harsh chemicals or abrasives. Contact us directly for help with stubborn stain removal.

To Make Keys White Again

With age and wear, keys tend to appear yellow over time. In order to whiten them and make them appear new again, follow a few simple steps.

Create a mixture of a half cup vinegar with two cups water. Use a soft damp cloth to gently rub the keys one at a time. Make sure the cloth is damp, with no excess water that can leak and damage in between the keys. Wipe them with a dry cloth to remove excess moisture.

Maintenance Tips

  • In order to prevent dust from accumulating on your keyboard and in between the keys, you should keep a cover over the keyboard at all times when not in use
  • Avoid using water and liquids near the piano. Keep drinks away, and avoid putting plants or other household materials around your piano to avoid potential spills
  • Wash your hands before playing the piano to keep the keys clean and in good playing condition
  • Keep your digital piano away from windows and avoid direct sunlight. It is important to keep any piano away from extreme climate conditions, including hot or cold air, or humidity
  • Never use harsh chemicals on your keys or piano. This includes most commercial products you’ll find at your favorite store, or hard cleaning agents such as bleach or alcohol.

A digital piano will give you years of enjoyment if you learn to take care of it and maintain it along the way. With simply cleaning routines, your piano will look and sound good whenever you are ready to play.