Choosing Color For Your Piano

Choosing Color For Your Piano

“I’m buying a grand piano soon, and the only thing that’s holding me back is color. I’ve done a lot of research, and have seen various discussions on color choices. I’ve seen many people say that the only color you should consider is black. But frankly, black just isn’t my style; I prefer either a walnut look, or I’m really leaning towards white, which I consider to be light and airy and will match my décor perfectly. Is resale value really that bad for white pianos? Should I forget my preferences and go with the trends – which seems to be black?”

When it comes to buying a piano, you should consider three things:

  1. Tone
  2. TouchChoosing Color For Your Piano
  3. Appearance

If you will be playing your piano on a regular basis, the only thing that truly matters is how well the piano sounds. Pianos should be rich in sound. If a piano is in tune, and is properly voiced to provide a tone that is as great to listen to as it is to play, you’ll be happy with your purchase for many years.

Instead of looking at a piano for its looks, sit down and see how it feels. If your piano is going to get a lot of use, its important that you are comfortable with the way the keys feel against your fingers, and the way you sit in front of the keyboard. Comfort factor should always rank high in your final decision.

Only after the first two needs are met should you put any weight towards appearance. Appearance is a personal choice. Some like black, some like white.

If you look through a variety of piano shops, do a few searches online, or even watch musical shows on television, you’ll notice that the majority of pianos are black, or fall into wood colors like mahogany, walnut or cherry. Yet white and ivory are an option, and lets face it, the world would be a boring place if we all liked the same things.

While its true, white pianos may not sell as easily as the more traditional color line, who is this piano ultimately for?

If your décor tastes prefer lighter furniture, if white complements your décor more so than darker colors, white may be the perfect choice for you. If you are purchasing a piano to be a part of your home for years to come, white may be the right choice to make.

Don’t let popular opinion sway your decision. Buy the piano that will give you the most enjoyment overall, and you’ll be satisfied with your purchase for years.