What To Consider Before Buying or Renting a Piano

What To Consider Before Buying or Renting a Piano

If you want to play the piano, it’s important to have a high-quality instrument ready for you to play each day. 

Yet if you look at piano prices, they may be a little intimidating. Should you invest in a new piano right now? Does buying a piano make sense? Or should you start by renting a piano first? 

Renting a piano

Many people will tell you that renting makes sense. It gives you a chance to try out a piano without commitment. You’ll be able to test whether your child enjoys the experience of making music without the heavy investment. 

Renting a piano involves a monthly fee and a rental agreement. Many rental contracts come with extra fees for moving it to your home, tuning charges, and potential break fees if you cancel. It might be right for you if you’re on the fence about how well your child will enjoy making music. 

Buying a piano

For many families, the act of buying a piano signals more commitment to the process. By purchasing a piano, you’re showing your child that you have an interest in their desire to make music. You’re committed to helping them become the best they can be at making music. 

Buying a piano may seem like a big commitment. But when you work with a trusted dealer, we can help you find the right starter piano to suit your needs. Then when you’re ready, you can easily upgrade your instrument to one that offers you more options. 

While renting may seem like the better option at first, many families find owning to be a smarter choice. After considering upfront fees, purchasing through a dealer can allow in-house financing to meet any budget. 

And you’ll own the piano for life.