Buying A Used, Cheap Piano … Really

Buying A Used, Cheap Piano … Really

We Google just about everything. How many times have you pulled up Google and typed something in today?

We use Google maps for directions. We search for product reviews. We look up concepts we may not know.Buying A Used, Cheap Piano … ReallyBuying A Used, Cheap Piano … Really

Yep, Google is like having an all-knowing best friend in our back pockets.

Pull up “Buying A Used Piano” or even “Buying A Cheap Piano” and you’ll receive millions of responses. (As of this morning, over 10 million.) Many of the ranked titles you’d expect.

  • What to look for in a cheap used piano
  • 8 things you must know before buying a used piano
  • How to buy a used piano on Craigslist

Then I added new search terms – “high quality” and “good.” My results went down. And so did my choices. My returned results looked something like this:

  • Tips for buying a new piano
  • Choosing the piano that’s right for you
  • How to buy a good piano

Yep, very few related to finding a high quality used piano.

Buying a used piano isn’t hard. In fact, it may be a very easy thing to do. You can probably find a lot of used pianos right here in our community. Ask around. Or do a quick search.

Look on eBay. Or head to Craigslist. You’ll find them there.

But used pianos are not all the same. Sure, you’ll find a few great pianos out there. Pianos that have been well maintained, well cared for, and will still give you years of useful life. And you may find it on your first try.

Or not.

Are you willing to take the chance?