This Is How You Buy The Best Piano

This Is How You Buy The Best Piano

Investing in a new hobby often brings sticker shock as you shop for the necessary equipment. From taking up cooking to starting a sport, it can often take a heavy investment to get what you need to succeed. 

Playing the piano is no different. If you’ve ever played with a toy piano, you know it sounds like a toy. It’s smaller than an acoustic piano, it sounds tinny, somewhat fake. To use that as you start to learn the basic rules of playing would be like learning to play soccer with a flat ball. 

To be good at anything, you have to invest in quality tools. How do you buy the best piano to get a high quality instrument without breaking the bank?

Start by considering your space

When you start to shop, you’ll discover you have three choices. If you have all the space in the world, and want a piano to impress, a grand piano may be just what you’re looking for. Or maybe you’re looking for an upright that will slide right in with your current decor. Are you tight on space? Digital pianos offer flexibility without sacrificing quality. 

Your space can also dictate various features. If you own a large home where every family member has their own space to work freely on hobbies, a grand or upright piano may be the right solution. If you have one common room where everyone in the home spends time together, digital may offer more features that suit your needs. They provide silent mode, where you can plug in headphones and play without disturbing others in the room. 

Carefully weigh your options 

A piano isn’t something you can invest in online, without touching and feeling it, and hearing how it sounds. When you visit a dealer, you can play multiple pianos to feel and hear the difference. That’s important to fully understand what your new piano plays like. You have to connect with the piano to build a desire to practice regularly. 

Acoustic pianos offer classic playability. If you learn on a traditional acoustic piano, you can transfer your skills to any piano. Of course, if your goal is to be the next TikTok sensation, maybe you desire to start with digital from the start. That doesn’t mean you should compromise on quality. Even The best digitals have all the characteristics of a high quality acoustic, adding more functions that are easily transferred to digital. For some, it’s the best of both worlds.  

What’s the best piano for you?

Buying the best piano isn’t a “one size fits all” process. It’s a careful balance of getting the right instrument to ensure growth for years, while ensuring you have the tools necessary to fulfill your goals and desires. 

Want help finding the right piano to suit your needs? We can help you find and buy the best piano for accomplishing your goals. Stop by today.