Why You Should Buy A Used Piano From A Music Store

Why You Should Buy A Used Piano From A Music Store

Buying a used piano isn’t difficult to do. A search online will yield you unlimited results on pianos available. But there are reasons that buying from a reputable music store might be your best bet.

Better condition
A reputable piano dealer will learn all it can about the piano it sells to you. Unless it is being sold “as is”, you’ll know any defects it may have. That means when you take the piano home, you will be assured it is structurally and mechanically sound. This helps you avoid immediate costs for cleaning, repairing squeaks, tuning, and repairing loose legs or moving parts. Used pianos from a music store usually come with a verifiable history attached.

A better experience
Buying online requires you to have top skills in negotiating, investigating and moving. When you visit a music store, their goal is to ensure you leave with the best experience. They will answer every question you have about a piano in a clear way. They will ensure you understand the care a piano needs. They will help you move it safely from the store to your home. You will leave with a better understanding of how the piano will enhance your daily life.

Develop a resource
Depending on the piano dealer you select, you will have a resource for years of enjoyment. They will help you find and select music to play. They can make recommendations for lessons and teachers. They can provide help to select accessories such as piano benches and lights. They also often have trade up policies which allows you to increase the level of piano you own as you increase your knowledge of playing.

Save money
When you take home a used piano from a reputable piano dealer, you will know your piano will be in perfect working condition and provide instant enjoyment from the moment it enters your house. You won’t have tuning, repairing or refurbishing costs immediately tacked on. In some cases, you may have warranties in place that cover you from future repairs. You’ll also know that the money you invested in your piano is money well spent; you received the best piano for your money.

What are your experiences from buying a used piano?