Can You Buy A Piano On Amazon?

Can You Buy A Piano On Amazon?

It used to be if you wanted a piano, you’d head to your local dealer. Craigslist gave you the opportunity to buy directly from an owner. Ebay expanded your search location, giving you access to buy from anyone, anywhere in the world. So why not Amazon? With just a quick search, Amazon can pull up a wide variety of pianos and piano related products and let you search with your fingers through their selection. 

Shouldn’t that be good enough?

We search Amazon for what we want and need. It’s turned into our go-to tool. 

It gives us a low price. It can have it delivered within days, sometimes even hours. And we can read reviews to determine what others have to say. What’s not to love?Can You Buy A Piano On Amazon?

While that may work well on things like toasters and books, for more personalized items, it’s still a difficult way to shop for pianos.

Let’s take a look at some of the reviews. 

One reviewer said this about a piano he bought:

There are better pianos out there, but not for the price. The keyboard has nicely weighted keys that are comfortable to play. 

That could motivate you to say yes to this piano. But what if he bought the piano for his child to tinker with? He had no intention of making music with it for years to come. And when you feel the keys, “cheap” is the only term that comes to mind. 

Or consider this review:

This is the best money I’ve spent.  The feel of the keys is extremely realistic. And I play several hours every week.

What she doesn’t tell you is how novice she really is. Has she ever sat down at another piano and had the ability to play? How well do her skills transfer over?

A five star rating from someone who uses it more like a toy might not be the best review for you to judge the quality. Spending a lot of your money on something that never sounds quite right to you would never be considered a bargain. 

A piano is a personal item that is best found through touching and feeling. You can hear the differences between pianos. You can feel the differences between the keys. 

And the best way to find the perfect piano for you is to come in and find the perfect one for you.