How Do You Buy A First Piano

How Do You Buy A First Piano

Selecting activities for your child is something every parent has to do. Should you involve them in sports? How about the arts? Is music the way to go? 

There are many reasons to give your child the gift of music. It helps with memory. It improves their performance in school. It helps with listening skills. It can even boost testing ability. 

Great reasons for select playing the piano. 

Once you’ve decided to send your kids to piano lessons, however, you’ll have to buy your first piano. And once you choose to do that, you’ll usually face three questions from the start. 

1. I’m not sure if my child will like this. Should I buy something simple until I’m sure?

2. Should I buy acoustic or digital; what’s the difference?

3. Where should I buy a first piano? 

Let’s start with the first. 

We hear this statement a lot. When parents find out the cost of a piano, they often become wary of spending money on an activity that is so new. What if your child doesn’t like it? Then you’re stuck with an expensive instrument no one will play. 

Yet a piano is the basic tool your child needs to learn to play. If they don’t have a proper tool at the start, they are less likely to enjoy the process. It’s like playing football with a golf ball and walking shoes instead of cleats. If an instrument doesn’t have great tonal quality, it’ll be like playing on a toy. And your child won’t enjoy the outcome. 

There are good and bad points to the final piano you select. Some prefer acoustic while others prefer digital. But no matter what piano you choose, you should always ensure it’s properly weighted and has full size keys. Smaller keyboards won’t have the proper 88 notes. They might also have keys that aren’t responsive. They have a trigger effect that makes it feel like an acoustic. Without that, your child won’t be able to convert to other pianos as they improve their learning. 

If you don’t know much about pianos, it’s a good idea to learn a little about the process before you make your final selection. That’s where coming into our store can help. We’re happy to teach you all you need to know about making your final selection. We also have the ability to help you decide between used and new, and to work within your budget. 

That’s something you’ll never find searching on Craigslist. You might wind up with an instrument that doesn’t even play. 

And without that, your child will never learn to love learning to play the piano. 

How can we help you make your final selection when buying your first piano?