Should You Buy A Digital Grand Piano?

Should You Buy A Digital Grand Piano?

Ready to buy a digital grand piano?

Digital grand pianos off you all the features and functions you’re looking for in a grand piano while combining the technology you’re looking for in a digital product. If you purchase the right digital grand piano, you’ll get a realistic feel, beautiful sound, and the second best option right under a grand piano.

Yet before you make the final selection, what should you look for? It’s important to understand some basic differences between the different types of pianos to aid you when making your purchase.

Size is different when comparing upright with grands.Should You Buy A Digital Grand Piano?

Weight – the average grand piano weighs between 550 to 1100 pounds. The average upright piano is closer to 330 to 550 pounds. Also keep in mind that uprights have a smaller footprint, and thus less space is required.

Movement – a grand piano is more difficult to move and pass through doorways. Even moving it from one room to another can be a difficult task.

When you compare a digital to an acoustic grand, you will be able to find a full range of sizes with either, from a baby to a full size. If space is not a factor, you can opt for a full grand digital instrument, whereas if you have restricted space, you can find a variety of smaller instruments to fit your needs.

In most cases, when you buy a piano at this level, you are buying for it to last. You will not be replacing your piano often, so it’s important to look at material and construction, ensuring it’s durable and will last for years. A high quality wooden or fiberglass construction is idealistic; avoid low priced plastic construction that may need replacements sooner. You dealer is happy to show you the difference and should be willing to take the time to help you consider your options wisely.

Your keyboard is another important consideration. What separates a good digital keyboard from an inferior one is the realistic touch and action. Sensitivity, responsiveness of the keys, and weighted hammer action is something will ensure you have a piano that is effective to learn on, practice, and perform.

You should also learn about the sound and voice. Your digital grand piano should offer realistic sound and tonal quality. It should provide you with the same quality as an acoustic. Most digital instruments at this level will have built-in technology and realistic sampling that provides realistic sound, tone, and voice, but it’s important for you to test to ensure you are happy with the results.

And because you are looking at a digital grand piano, also ensure connectivity meets your needs. Some offer USB, MIDI, AUX input/output, along with headphone and utility jacks. Be sure your digital grand piano offers the technology you need today and ensures you’ll have capabilities for many years to come.

What’s the perfect choice for you? If you are looking for a digital grand piano, stop by to see all of the options waiting for you.