What Are The Best Piano Manufacturers?

What Are The Best Piano Manufacturers?

Differences. They make the world an interesting place. They allow people to be individuals, to choose what’s most important to them.

It would be a pretty dull world if everyone were the same.A Piano Teacher’s Guide To Buying And Owning A Piano

Simple word comparisons can cause unlimited opportunity for debate.

Apple – Mac

Democrat – Republican

Chances are an opinion popped into your mind on both subject matters. The same happens in the world of music. Ask any pianist what piano they prefer and you’ll hear a variety of names pop out.

  • Baldwin
  • Chickering
  • Kimball
  • Yamaha

And then, of course, there’s Steinway.

To an untrained eye and ear, there’s little difference. One may be brown while another is black. One may be upright while another is a grand. And just maybe, one has a different sound than the other.

There is no scientific metric for determining which piano is better than another. In all cases, it comes down to preference and style. While there are hundreds of piano manufacturers in the world, very few have the quality and the history to stand the test of time.

In our minds, it’s a combination of tone, sound, action, history and passion that pushes certain manufacturers to the top of the list. While this list isn’t comprehensive, some of our favorites include:


Bosendorfer is one of the oldest piano makers in the world. Ignaz Bosendorfer founded the company in Vienna, Austria in 1828 and is famous for inventing the extension to the 88 key keyboard and the Imperial Grand piano that has a 97 key keyboard, giving it 8 octaves. This extra range made it the most loved concert piano in the world, one that is still used to this day.


Julius Bluthner started the company in 1853 in Leipzig, Germany, one that is still operated by the Bluthner family today. By the turn of the century, it had become the largest piano maker in Germany. They are renowned for their high quality and clear tone. A Bluthner piano was used in the famous airship Hindenburg, which crossed the Atlantic with the piano.


Kawai was founded by Koichi Kawai in Japan in 1927. They are known for their digital and acoustic excellence. They provide a sleek design and one of the best sounds on the market.


Baldwin is one of the largest keyboard and piano makers in America. It was founded in 1862 in Cincinnati by music teacher Dwight Hamilton, quickly becoming known for its quality and detailed craftsmanship. We love it because of its versatility – you’ll see it being played by musicians like Ray Charles, and find it across Hollywood sets like in the show Glee.


A top piano list wouldn’t be complete without Steinway. Steinway is possibly the most well-known piano manufacturer, with roots originating in Sessen, Germany before moving to its new home in New York. Steinway & Sons are considered the founders of the modern piano and have 127 patents to prove it. Each piano is meticulously handcrafted, taking over a year to produce.

What’s your favorite piano manufacturer?