The 10 Best Piano Brands Ever

The 10 Best Piano Brands Ever

If you’re in the marketplace for a piano and you want to make a statement with the piano sitting front and center in your home, you want to make sure its one of the best piano brands on the market today. And after a little search time, you can find a short list of what people consider to be the best piano brand today.The 10 Best Piano Brands Ever

Surely names like Steinway, Baldwin and Boesendorfer would make the list. Kawai and Yamaha would likely show up too.

But what makes them the best?

Is it the piano itself? Is it the way its built? Is it the materials used? Is it the music it makes? Is it the reputation of the company?

Or is it all of the above?

Yes, to be considered “the best” is subjective at best. But there are things that each of the top contenders have that give them the limelight. And there are things you can look for in whatever piano you choose to purchase to make sure you are buying the best quality piano to meet your needs.

To be considered the best, the manufacturer should build each piano with the utmost attention to detail. Every piece should be chosen with care, materials selected to produce the greatest sound quality possible.

The manufacturer should emphasize both quality materials and attention to technology. Today’s technology can help scale a piano to meet exact specifications, including shape of sound boards, placement of bridges and ribs, length of strings and thickness of bracing, all of which helps produce the most amazing sound possible.

The manufacturer should spend its time developing the highest quality piano products for the market. In today’s world, that stretches beyond  acoustic, upright and grand pianos, and includes digital, portable, synthesizers and more. Pianos today have many functionalities to meet all kinds of demands. By understanding how to create the best sound possible in one category, many will take that knowledge and build it into something more.

The manufacturer should care about quality. You can find pianos built entirely by hand, with each piece meticulously handcrafted into place. You can find pianos designed for specific needs – from conservatory models to historical designs. You can find pianos whose name has stood the test of time, and who consistently evokes quality, value and excellence. You can choose a piano that will provide you with a lifetime of pleasure; an investment truly worth all of the time and energy you put in.

Yes, choosing the best piano in the industry is subjective. The list of the top 10 piano brands ever will change depending on who is creating the list. But the quickest way to find the perfect piano for your home or studio is to stop by our showroom and see all of the opportunities waiting for you.