How Your Background Music Makes You Better At Everything

How Your Background Music Makes You Better At Everything

What’s better for your concentration: quiet working space, or a little background music?

While that question is argued over continuously in homes and office space around the world, there are scientific studies that show music has power in many situations. It can improve your mood, help your memory, take away anxiety, and ease stress. 

Of course, it’s not as simple as turning the radio on to any station, or turning up your favorite tune. There’s a science to it. 

The human brain has two levels of attention. Conscious attention allows you to direct your concentration on things in front of you, focus, and get things done. Unconscious attention is the one that shifts your focus onto other things around you. This is where you start to daydream, or notice a particular smell, or see movement out of the corner of your eye. 

No matter how much focus you give something, your unconscious brain is always there, scanning, waiting for something to come along. The more you focus, the sharper your unconscious attention becomes. Think of it as a warning system standing by to keep you safe. 

That’s where music comes into play. Listening to music can be good for holding your attention span. It can increase your productivity and help you get things done. But not all music generates the same results. 

Music with lyrics significantly alters your concentration. That’s why you’re more likely to hear “elevator music” whenever you enter places of business. 

Surgeons listen to their favorite music for better performance. While there may be studies that show classical music is better for the general population, when it comes to working on individual tasks, your preferred music is better. Studies show that when a surgeon listens to their favorite music – whether hard rock or soft show tunes – their performance improves. 

There is consistent evidence that playing the piano helps in a variety of ways, from increased memory to better test scores. While playing increases skill sets, listening can also improve test scores. One study found that listening to classical music while taking a test can improve your scores by several percentage points. 

Even if you’re into sports, music is still your best option. Whether you’re running in nature or pumping iron, throw in your earbuds and synchronize it with a positive, upbeat tune. Evidence supports you’ll run faster and lift more just by energizing your music

How does background music impact your life?