Yes, You Can Afford a High Quality Piano

Yes, You Can Afford a High Quality Piano

How much does a piano cost? If your child has expressed an interest in playing piano, you might be a little nervous about investing in an instrument. The size, the complex features, all point to something that’s going to hit your budget hard. 

Yet you want what’s best for your child. And they want to play. 

Can you afford a high quality piano? Or will you resort to finding something less-than-stellar at a garage sale, or pick up a toy piano and hope for the best?

How to afford a high quality piano

Before settling for a poor quality piano based on price alone, let’s talk about the importance of a high quality instrument. 

Would you attempt to start playing basketball … and use a flat ball?

Or start downhill skiing … with toy skis?

Of course not. We understand that to make the most of a hobby, and to stay safe while doing so, it’s important to have the right equipment. Without it, you’ll never pick up the nuances of settling into your new hobby. Nor will you enjoy the process. 

While you might need professional level equipment, you do need certain standards to ensure you make the most of your time practicing. It has to make the process enjoyable. 

Can you imagine playing a piano where the notes were all out of key? Or the sound was tinny, anything but pleasing? Eventually, you would no longer participate in the process. 

How piano dealers can help you

When you hunt through Craigslist, you might find a high quality instrument if you weed through all of the listings, trying to find one that suits your needs. What you’re more likely to find is a lot of pianos that have been abandoned, without playing, without maintenance, until someone decides to move them out of their home. 

This rarely offers a high quality sound. 

Dealers only sell high quality pianos. They offer new and used, at every price point, and of varying degrees of quality. From startups to professionals, a piano dealer offers every level of piano to suit your needs. 

They can also help with financing. Because they are a retail dealer, they have a variety of options available for you. 

But it all starts with a first step … coming in and discussing your needs and desires. 

Whether you’re just starting and have never touched a piano before, or have specific wants and desires in mind, we have a solution to suit your needs. 

Yes, you can afford a high quality piano. 

It starts by stopping by today. We look forward to working with you.