7 Advantages To Learning Piano As An Adult

7 Advantages To Learning Piano As An Adult

While there are many things children can pick up quicker than adults, playing the piano isn’t one of them. Sure, some kids seem to be able to carry a tune easily. Their nimble fingers can quickly run across the keyboard. 

But as an adult, you already have musicality. You’ve had years of taking in composition, and deep down inside, that helps when you place your fingers on the keyboard for the first. Time. 

Advantage 1: You’re committed

7 Advantages To Learning Piano As An AdultKids usually start playing piano at their parents’ request. As an adult, you make the decision yourself. You have an interest. You seek out music education. That gives you an added advantage of having the desire to see it through. 

Advantage 2: You’re ready to pursue piano

As an adult, you’ve already learned how to place priorities in your life. If you want to spend time at the piano, you’ve already let go of other activities to make the necessary time available for lessons and practice. 

Advantage 3: You know what music you like

What type of music do you like? Have you always dreamed of playing like the band you grew up with? Or is your desire to play the classics? The good news is there’s piano music for that, and your teacher can quickly help you move towards what you want to play. 

Advantage 4: You’re focused

Kids get bored. They give up on a lot because there’s always something else to capture their attention. You know what you want and can stay more focused on the end result. 

Advantage 5: You’re open minded

Sure, you’ve always wanted to play songs from your favorite band. But you’re also open to new opportunities. Why not try jazz? Or play a tune from Bach or Beethoven? You might be surprised at how much you enjoy playing something new. Especially when you know it will increase your talent. 

Advantage 6: You clear distractions better

How do you operate best? Do you need a quiet room? Can you schedule in time for yourself? You know what works for you. And you can ensure you create quality time for you and playing. 

Advantage 7: You’re more patient

Kids like instant results. As an adult, you realize perfection takes time. Instead, you can focus on progress. You can see improvement along the way. You can also understand timing and how long it takes to reach new plateaus. 

Are you ready to take up piano as an adult?