Back To School: Piano Players More Likely To Go To College

Back To School: Piano Players More Likely To Go To College

Kids all across America are getting ready to head back to school in the next few weeks. And while they begin thinking of homework and early morning routines, parents begin thinking of a whole lot more. Things like:

  • Are they doing enough to place their kids on the right track?
  • Are they receiving the best instruction in STEM activities?
  • Are they on the right track for college?

Back To School: Piano Players More Likely To Go To CollegeAs a parent, STEM activities are the new pressure point. Everything the school system and the media talks about is how to get your kids on the right track for science and math. These activities will ensure a bright future. These activities are the key to getting into college and succeeding in life overall.

And while we agree emphasis in these areas is a good thing, there is also another way to give your kids a gift they can use for a lifetime, and will give them a better chance at college too: the gift of piano.

According to a variety of surveys performed over the years, if you played an instrument as a child, there was a better chance you continued your education through college as well. Creating music gives you:

  • Heightened mental focus
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Improved confidence
  • The ability to self teach

Many will argue that its as important as learning a second language, and even more important than being involved in sports.

While studies show music as a whole is beneficial in children’s lives, overall one of the best instruments to learn on is the piano. Why? Piano has the benefit of being able to create both harmony and melody, and allowing a child to hear music even at the youngest age and with the most basic skills. With other instruments, they quickly learn it needs many to play a complete song; not so with the piano.

While its important to start out kids young, its equally as important to keep them interested along the way. A child that continues with music is more likely to raise their scores on basic comprehension testing, and will do better on college entrance exams like the SAT. Once in college, studies show that more music majors continue on with medical school and do very well in the process.

If you’re convinced music is the right future for your kids, stop by today. We have pianos that fit any budget, and can point you in the right direction to give your kids every chance at success possible.