Summertime Piano Practice Tips

Summertime Piano Practice Tips

It’s summertime! Time to slow down and enjoy a few weeks of lazy days and summertime play. 

But before you put your books on the shelf and close the lid to your piano until cooler days, think again. 

There are ways to incorporate the things you love into your daily routines without it feeling like a chore. Your child doesn’t have to leave all of their hobbies behind, waiting for the school bells to ring again. In fact, it’s better if they keep practicing, and don’t let their newly acquired skills disappear. 

What can you do to encourage piano playing without it feeling like they’re back in school? Consider these piano practice tips to avoid the summertime blues.

Change when you practice

During the school year, you build piano practice into your daily routine. Maybe before your child catches the bus for school. Or immediately upon arriving home from school. Because summertime changes that routine, make your piano practicing routine different too. How about after their favorite morning TV show? Or in the heat of the day when it’s time to cool down from being outside? Selecting a new time can bring freshness to the routine, and make your child a more willing participant. 

Select new music

What music does your child like to listen to? Do they have a favorite musician? You can find sheet music at all kinds of playing levels. If you haven’t searched online for sheet music, try SheetMusicPlus or MusicNotes. You’ll find thousands of arrangements, something perfect for every level of piano player in your home. Push aside more traditional routines, and let your child have fun with how they learn. 

Incorporate piano into vacation plans

Have you found a way to bring piano into your vacation plans? Concerts in the park take place all across the world, and offer a fun way to bring music into your life. Check in with your local symphony; they often bring a traveling orchestra into the community. Bringing your child can open up opportunity. They may see their new hobby in a different light. Depending on where you travel, you may be able to see some of the biggest musicians in the world. Be sure to point out the instruments being played, and talk about their impact on the song. It’s a great way for kids to see what’s possible if they keep pursuing music. 

Summertime is here. But that doesn’t mean you have to push all of your hobbies aside until the days grow cooler. Keep playing the piano, and enjoying all the benefits it brings. With these piano practicing tips, you’ll give your summertime plans a slightly different vibe, one your whole family may enjoy.