Should You Sell or Trade Your Piano?

Should You Sell or Trade Your Piano?

When you look back at 2020, it’s easy to see the chaos. But a lot of good came out of it too. 

Did you slow down and spend more time with your family? Did you make hard decisions about the activities you participate in? 

Instead of spending time in the car moving from one place to the next, we’ve learned that being still can also be good. Which is why many families are finding music once again. 

While the sale of pianos may have been dropping in recent years, with a pandemic in place, the numbers have turned around. With more time on their hands, many parents see the benefits of putting their kids in piano lessons, and many more are taking it up themselves. 

Thanks to the internet, it’s easy to start playing. With nothing more than a Youtube video, you can start tinkering out music immediately. Of course, that can lead to bad habits, so many progress into starting up lessons in one form or another. With the internet, you can find any type of training you desire – your teacher can be halfway around the world. You can discover just how fun it is to sit down at the piano you’ve had in your home for years, and start playing once again. 

But just as quickly, you might discover this isn’t the piano for you. It was your mom’s – or grandmother’s – and it just doesn’t suit your needs. 

Should you sell or trade your piano? Does it have any value?

That depends. 

Thanks to manufacturing techniques and globalization, pianos have been mass produced for years – decades even. Some pianos are worth more than others simply by the way they were built. You can quickly determine value by looking at the name – a Steinway may have, unheard of names may not. 

You should also ask yourself why you’re selling your piano in the first place. Is it difficult to play? Will it stay in tune? Does it fit in with your decor? 

The very reasons you’re thinking of trading in your piano may also be what holds others back from purchasing it. If a piano will take work to make it playable again, it’s often better for the buyer to start with a better piano to begin with. 

Still, it never hurts to look at your options. 

We can also help you with that. We often purchase used pianos, and help you trade up to a better one. 

It starts with a phone call. Are you ready to invest in a better piano for your family this year?