Should You Order Your Digital Piano Online?

Should You Order Your Digital Piano Online?

We’ve turned into a world of online shoppers. Whether you want your latest beauty products, or a few items for tomorrow night’s dinner, all of your selections are just a click away. 

Some things are easy to buy online. 

If you want a new toaster, you can do a little searching to find which toasters have high ratings. You can decide your budget, find the best for your dollar, and hit the “buy” button to have it delivered in days. 

The toaster is mechanical. It works – it toasts. And as long as it does that, you’ll be happy with it sitting in your kitchen and being ready to work for you whenever you desire. Should You Order Your Digital Piano Online?

But other things are more personal. A picture doesn’t do it justice. If you can’t touch it and feel it, you won’t know if it truly meets your needs. 

Do a quick search for digital pianos, and you’ll find a wealth of information at your fingertips. You’ll find:

  • Photographs of all the makes and models
  • Reviews telling you what someone likes and doesn’t like about their purchase
  • Star ratings
  • Videos of a particular model in action

And if you’ve never played the piano before, all of this may seem like it’s enough to make a final selection. 

Yet playing a piano goes beyond good reviews and five star ratings. Just because someone else likes it doesn’t make it the right choice for you. 

A piano is personal. You have to touch it, hear it, feel the notes. And every piano creates a different sound. 

The main challenge with digital pianos is in engineering the touch and feel of an acoustic piano. Because a digital piano doesn’t operate with strings, hammers, and keys, it depends on a recording to emulate to sound. Every manufacturer does this in its own unique way. 

It also depends on weighting the keys in the right way. If you’ve ever played an acoustic piano, you know they have “give” when you press them. If you’ve ever played a digital piano without that “give”, you know the feeling isn’t the same. And that difference can impede your ability to play. If you can’t transfer your skills between different types of piano, you’ll be frustrated with your performance in the long run. 

The best way to ensure you have everything you need is to speak with a professional. Stop by today and we’ll help you select the right digital piano for your needs.