Selecting a Piano Based on Your Personality

Selecting a Piano Based on Your Personality

What personality type are you? There are many systems that categorize personalities and help you make sense of your functionality. 

Maybe you’ve taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test – are you extrovert or introvert? A thinker or a feeler? 

Maybe you’ve taken the Enneagram test, which categorizes nine interconnected personality types based on core motivations and fears. 

Taking a test like this can enlighten you about how you function best in daily life. You might already know this, but confirming it can give you new insight into what you do best. 

It opens up self-awareness. It can share your natural tendencies, preferences, strengths, and weaknesses with you. Being more self-aware means recognizing why you behave and react the way you do. 

It can help with stress management. It can alert you to why you experience and cope with stressors in different situations, in different ways. Digging into your own innate structure can help you personalize your strategies for managing stress and maintaining wellbeing. 

It can even help you with your career choices – are you better suited for specific careers or work environments? This can be especially beneficial if you’ve been struggling with finding meaningful work. 

You’ve taken a personality test. You know better who you are. 

And now you’ve decided to play the piano. It starts with selecting a piano that will suit your needs. 

With more self-awareness, use it to research different types of pianos – acoustic, digital, upright, grand – and determine what suits your personality and living space. Create a list of preferences and narrow down your options. 

Pianos are excellent at reducing stress. But that doesn’t mean you have to stress yourself through the process of buying a piano. Pay attention to the details to reach a final conclusion. Each piano has a unique feel, sound quality, pedal response, and overall craftsmanship. You have to love the way it looks, feels, and sounds to be invigorated every time you sit down. 

And if you love piano enough, it may even turn into a career. Not necessarily a pianist playing in grand concert halls; music therapists love bringing music into their patients’ lives. If you knew selecting a piano could be life-changing, would you look at the process of picking one out a bit differently?

Want help selecting a piano? Looking for guidance to ensure you get the right one to suit your needs?

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