Secure Your Piano Before You Move It

Secure Your Piano Before You Move It

Are you planning a move in the coming months? What’s the most difficult thing in your home to move? 

Pianos are notoriously difficult to move because of their size. They are also surprisingly fragile, and can be damaged quickly in many different ways. Take a look at the tiny legs on your grand piano. Or the delicate keys and how they are interconnected inside on the soundboard. 

Now imagine how you’ll do that, especially if you have stairs, lots of tight corners and curves, an elevator, or a maze of pathways to navigate. 

Not only do you risk damaging your piano, but you also risk injuring yourself and any others who may help you during the move. Pianos are heavy and awkward, which is why you should leave it to the professionals. 

Ask for help – don’t rely on a standard moving company; they don’t have the right expertise. Don’t ask a few of your buddies; they are even less prepared for a move than traditional movers. They don’t have the right equipment to keep them safe from injury every step of the way. 

Secure the piano – every aspect of the piano needs securing before you attempt to move it. That means protecting the keyboard lid, so it doesn’t bang as it moves. It means removing delicate legs, so they aren’ damaged or broken. It means wrapping the piano with blankets and padding to protect every inch of the surface area. 

Lift the piano – you can’t carry a piano – especially a grand piano – with just a few people surrounding it. You need a variety of moving helpers, such as a furniture dolly and moving straps. You should ensure you have the right support and balance to move it every inch from where it’s currently setting to its final resting position. 

Securing the piano in the truck – just because your piano is safely moved out of your home doesn’t mean your job is over yet. It’s also important that it’s placed safely in the truck and won’t be damaged as it’s moved from one location to the next. Moving trucks aren’t always clean, level, and perfectly sized. However, a piano moving company ensures your piano is placed securely on the ground to stay level throughout the ride. It’s strapped in so it won’t move and bang around as the truck moves and stops. It’s designed to stay safe the entire way. 

Moving in – once your piano is at its final destination, it’s important to do everything the right way with the final move, only in reverse. Be sure the piano is well protected every step of the way, negotiating stairs and tight corners before it’s placed where it will finally rest once again. Be sure to scope out its new home first, avoiding open doorways, vents and registers, and direct sunlight that can damage the surface area. 

Are you planning a move soon? Be sure to secure your piano before you move it, and ensure it arrives safely at its final destination.