Rent or Buy a Piano – Which Is Right For You?

Rent or Buy a Piano – Which Is Right For You?

So you want to introduce your child to music. Where do you begin? 

For many parents, a piano is the most logical choice. Piano builds a solid foundation for musical education. For a child that starts with a piano, they will have more advantages when moving to other instruments. That’s because the piano plays a wide range of notes. And with that, learners can quickly become accustomed to a full range of notes, including sharps and flats. They can also understand both bass and treble clef, and give a good foundation in reading music. 

Piano also helps develop a good sense of pitch. This can translate to other instruments, making them more musically inclined. 

All of that can start with the piano. But when you’re just starting out contemplating where to start, the price tag of a piano can leave you feeling a bit intimidated. 

Should you buy a piano when you’re unsure if your child will continue? Or is renting a better option? 

The good news is that as a piano dealer, we meet with people in your circumstances all the time. We can help you navigate your best course of action. 

Just like you wouldn’t give your child a flat soccer ball and expect them to play, you shouldn’t give your child anything but the best to start navigating learning how to play. 

Renting may work – as long as you rent the piano you’re considering investing in. It’s important to have a high-quality instrument for ensuring your child fully understands what it means to play. 

Also realize there are different levels of pianos. What makes a good starter piano won’t necessarily work as your child progresses. A high-quality piano dealer understands this, and offers buy-back programs to ensure you have the piano that best suits your needs. 

Is renting or buying a piano best for you? 

To determine your next step, stop by today. We can educate you on the best way to introduce piano into your life.