Ready To Buy Your First Piano?

Ready To Buy Your First Piano?

When did you know you wanted to bring your first piano into your home?

For some people, it starts as a small child. The thought of being able to sit down and plunk out a tune is exciting.

Or maybe you’ve been contemplating what to do in the next phase of your life, now that your kids are grown and you are possibly retiring.Ready To Buy Your First Piano?

No matter what your reason behind it, buying your first piano is a challenging experience. Pianos aren’t something you replace every day. And if you purchase the right piano in the beginning, you may never have to replace it at all. A great piano can be transferred down through generations, so getting a good one can be a top concern.

This is what we tell all of our own customers when they first enter contemplating the purchase of their first piano.

Buy the best

Every budget is different. And everyone has different goals and needs. Yet no matter what your budget is, you should consider buying the best piano you can for your money. The price often indicates the quality, and if you choose an inferior piano, it will impact your playability. Consider a used piano to gain a higher quality if that is an option.

New or used Pianos

Many people get caught up in buying a used piano from a friend of a friend, or through the classifieds online. If you look at one piano, what you see is what you get. And if this your first piano, you have nothing to compare it to. Every piano is manufactured as a unique instrument. No two pianos will ever feel the same. When you sit down to play, you can feel the difference as you move from model to model, make to make. That’s what makes its playability unique to you.

Grand, Vertical or Digital Pianos

When buying your first piano, you’ll find many choices available to you. And depending on your needs, you can tuck it away in the closet when you’re out of space, or put it on display in the center of your room. At the top of the spectrum is the grand piano, commanding attention from the moment you bring it into your home. If technology is a big part of your life, investing in a digital piano may give you the flexibility to create music in a fashion that matches your personality.

Are you ready to buy your first piano? If so, start by stopping by our showroom today and looking at the many options available to you. With a little education, you could soon be on your way to making beautiful music every day.